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Saturday, 4 December 2010


Focus on natural disasters occurred in Indonesia

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Info focus on social, culture and trade as well as development issues of developing countries.

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Saturday, 13 November 2010


THE ANGER OF THE FIERY MOUNTAIN MERAPI: The largest and the longest eruption in the century!

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I Left Yogyakarta on 30 October 2010 via Solo, back to Jakarta in a luxurious bus, before Garuda Indonesia took us all in avoidance of the hot cloud and the dust rain.

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Friday, 12 November 2010


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By: Neneng Tarigan

I didn't recall, when was the last time I visited this Province North Sumatra; the place where my parents and all of us their seven children were born decades back. I have never been to Toba lake since more than 45 years to be exact and never been to Berastagi I think for more than 20 years. Well, I can't blame myself of feeling unbound with Berastagi since I am the product of mix blood of 4 ethnic groups, the Karonese and the Simalungun from my dad side combined with Ambonese and Mandailing from my mom side. Nevertheless, I feel so proud and happier with this condition because that means I have several kampongs or homelands to visit and for me they are all equally have special place in my heart because there came my ancestors who then brought me as I am today. 
 Mariott Hotel Room, for only US $ 60.- /night incl breakfast (promo price)

I landed in Medan on 15 September, 2010 and stayed at Mariott Hotel in front of TVRI (the national TV, Sumatra branch office) where my cousin Ferry Tarigan works. I planned to visit Berastagi and the grave of my uncle or our family tomb the next day while I would like to see also the damage caused by the eruption of Mount Sinabung a couple of days before.

 The shool boys with Mount Sinabung as the background

There quite a lot of change in Medan as well as in Berastagi; no wonder if Indonesia nowadays is a primary destination for foreign people to trade, to invest and to visit since almost all parts of Indonesia are growing very rapidly aside of natural disasters that continuously hit this beautiful country. For those who believe in the Bible or Qur'an would say these are all the signs of the Armageddon or the end of the world, but scientist seen these as the consequences of the aging earth, human demolition on environment and the geographical location of Indonesia that lays along the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” a horseshoe-shaped string of faults that lines the Pacific Ocean.

Berastagi or Tanah Karo (Karo Land) is located in a highland of North Sumatra about 60 km from Medan. We can reach this area by car, by taxi or bus that are available around at reasonable price and condition. When I was small the only place that we can drink water from the tab were in Berastagi and Medan. The water was quite clean and fresh, direct from the water deposit at the mountain slope on the way to Berastagi. There are some international hotels now in Berastagi, the air is fresh and cool. Tanah Karo is a very rich agricultural area that produces fresh fruits, flowers and vegetables for out side markets of North Sumatra and up to Singapore and Europe. We would fall in love with the flowers, the fruits and the vegetables as soon as we arrived in this area. I really love the breeze of my Kampong Tanah Karo. The scenery is fantastic, every where is green, only a little sign of dust left as the eruptions of Mount Sinabung occurred when  I was in India and two  days before I arrived in Medan. 
I passed by the refugees tents along the way from Berastagi to my family grave in Kacaribu. My cousins told me, not to worry about the condition of the evacuees  since the majority of them are rich farmers, and they run away from the mountain slopes with their private vehicles, they even ate first class rice from government support to this victimize area. I said in my heart: “No wonder because there is a very strong bound between the President to this area, since he was adopted as the head of this tribe a couple of years ago”. This is silly, of  course that is not the reason at all, they were just lucky to get good rice from the donor. The refugees in my kampong were all in good condition, thanks God for that . This is totally different with the one I have seen later in my most favorite place in Indonesia, Yogyakarta! Yes the damage by Merapi and the Tsunami in Mentawai Islands were both massive! The death toll reached hundreds in number and the supporting facilities to the victims and the victimize areas are quite poor! In the case of Mentawai, lack of transportation facilities and unfriendly weather delayed all of the logistics to these islands, let alone the damage that totally required a full support, from housing and many other public facilities, such as schools, mosques, churches, clean water , electricity, etc. I n the case of Mount Merapi, the massive destruction created by the mountain has totally ruin and damage the mountain slopes. Thousands of people are homeless and hopeless, as their cattle and land are all sunk by the lava and the dust of Merapi with 3 meters high!

Mount Sinabung is relatively tame and in-active for so many years, unlike the adjacent Mount Sibayak Mount of the Rich), because we can see the cater of this mountain with our bare eyes from Berastagi. When I was small, I like to swim in the natural pools that we can find until today in almost every kampong (village) in highland Karo. The water is clear and cool, if we put our foot in, we can feel as if we were in the ice. The aroma of the air are so soothing like in a natural spa. What I rather dislike with Berastagi is, it has so many flies and people in the traditional market here do not care at all with the cleanliness, so I always prefer to stay away from the market just go to the hills around where the view is unimaginatively beautiful. Am I exaggerating here? Not at all , as you can see from the pictures I attached here. So welcome to Berastagi, Tanah Karo, North Sumatera.

Saturday, 23 October 2010



Header The Private Investment Promotion Agency of Peru – ProInversion has made the call for tenders to select an operator for a personal electronic vigilance service and perform the monitoring and tracking of 2000 beneficiaries.
The service to be developed in the Judicial Districts of Lima, North Lima, South Lima and the Constitutional Province of Callao, comprises the design, technical and administrative operation, supply of technology infrastructure and reports issuance.
For further information please follow the link.

Contact Information

Dora Ballester Head of Penitentiary Facilities Project
Phone: (51-1) 612-1200 Extension 1235


The Private Investment Promotion Agency of Peru – ProInversión, has made the call for tenders of the sale, with Property Reservation and Real Estate Development, of Lot D of Chaco la Puntilla Tourism project. This is a property of 181, 854.33 m2, located in the district of Paracas, province of Pisco, department of Ica. The Base Price of lot D is US$ 3’635,000 approximately.
The project comprises the urban habilitation of a vacational condominium with a minimum of 200 lots for housing, and investment commitment of US$ 545,563 to the National Reserve of Paracas. This amount is not included in the base price of Lot D.
It is important to highlight that Paracas Bay meets the natural conditions and accessibility needed to become one of the most important touristic destination of the country, which is reflected in the increased investment registered in the last years in the hotel sector. 
For further information on this project please click here The Tender Documents and the schedule process are available on ProInversion’s web site .


  • This project comprises the supply of energy to the National Interconnected Electric System (SEIN).
  • The project involves the participation of more than one supplier to reach 500 MW maximum.
  • The supply shall be made from hydroelectric power stations, specifically built for this project.
  • The supply of energy shall start between 2016 and 2018.
  • The estimated investment amount for the hydroelectric power stations is about US$ 900 million.
Further information and the Tender Documents of the process may be found on PROINVERSION web site :
The Private Investment Promotion Agency - PROINVERSION
Contact Information

Luis Ortigas
Head of Electricity and
Hydrocarbons Projects
Technical Affairs Division


Friday, 22 October 2010

freckles and fudge: CUTE KID CONTEST Over $500 Prize Package

freckles and fudge: CUTE KID CONTEST Over $500 Prize Package: "Is everyone always telling you that your baby or child is the most adorable thing on earth.Well. We all know we have the cutest kids and we..."

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Saturday, 16 October 2010


Fashion is a big business in industry that no one can resist. Here is some example why we could consider fashion is a must and in needs.
I have tried small fashion business for 5 years already, but I tell you, it requires better taste, sharp prediction, good personal approach to your customers, knowing what they need and having smart promotion too.
Here some examples why top fashion designers are successful with their business:
1. They are capable in setting the trend!
2. Very futuristic, creative and highly qualified with their prediction.
3. Almost everyone who love fashion will just quote and re publish their fashion designed.
4. They are half gods in design. People just adore what their produce.
5. They can trance and transform the customers to the highest level of satisfaction

So. Check this out!

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Saturday, 18 September 2010


Neneng Tarigan is a blogger who provides relevant information on trade, business, economics, developing countries issues as well as favorites issues such as in fashion updates, hair style, health, traveling, culture, social issues and wisdom
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All about fashion updates, arts, culture, traveling history, women, wisdom, trade issues, developing countries development, friends and family

You can find at: partly written in English or Indonesian language. Blog title: INDONESIA English version. Blog title: International Trade Info written in English or Indonesian language. Blog Title: Free Forum English. Website title: Trade and Fashion English. Blog title: The Real Fashion of Benane English. Blog title: Fashion and Art Deco English. Blog title: Fashion & Art Deco
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Monday, 13 September 2010



Located 300m above sea level and just an hour's train journey from South of Jakarta, BOGOR enjoys a cool, wet climate and is home to the famously lush Botanical Garden (Kebun Raya Bogor). The Botanical Garden open daily from 08.00am to 05.00pm; with an entrance fee about US $ 1.- plus 20cent dollar for entering the orchid house. You can go by train, bus or private car to Bogor and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way. Some rest areas offer you not only local and Indonesian cuisines but also western one. You don’t have to worry about hotels or restaurants in Bogor. There are a lot of Hotels available nearby the Botanical Garden. Some Hotels I could highly recommend for its cleanliness and conveniences are Santika Hotel (a three star hotel with mall, cinema and restaurants at the same compound), Salak Hotel (a four star hotel built since colonial time located right in front of Presidential Palace and nearby Botanical Garden) and Novotel Golf Course Hotel (a five star hotel located near by the traditional market and not far from the Botanical Garden). These hotels are all between reasonable prices and their foods are yummy and it is almost at no price at all. In the Botanical Garden, some pathways lie in between towering bamboo stands and climbing bougainvillea, passing through a small tropical rainforest, and ponds full of water lilies and fountains. Perhaps the garden's best-known occupant is the Titan Arun flower family or the giant Rafflesia (Bunga Bangkai), the world's largest and smelliest flower. Near the gardens' main entrance, the rather dilapidated Zoological Museum (open daily from 08.00am to 04.00pm) full with 30,000 specimens, including a complete skeleton of a blue whale, a stuffed of Javanese rhino and most impressively the remains of a huge coconut crab. Outside of the garden, there are plenty of vendors and workshop selling among others Wayang golek or Indonesian traditional puppets and local made souvenirs. If you're interested in gamelan or Javanese gongs that are using traditional methods, are also for sale around here.

The Giant Rafflesia or Bunga Bangkai

The Giant Rafflesia or Bunga Bangkai may be included in the family of Amorphophallus titanum or Titan Arum - is indeed considered as one of the largest flower in the world. Also known as the "Corpse Flower" because of its foul smell, Amorphophallus titanum is a prized addition to a number of well-known botanical gardens around the world, including London's Kew Gardens, California's Huntington Botanical Gardens and Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens as well as at Bogor Botanical Garden Indonesia. The plants have become quite famous and always attract large crowds when a particular specimen blooms at one of the above locations or at a number of others gardens around the world. One such plant was also featured in Sir David Attenborough's outstanding BBC documentary The Private Life of Plants. In fact, the native habitat of Amorphophallus titanum is the rainforests of Sumatra, Indonesia.
Below, the photograph of the Titan Arum taken at Stuttgart, Germany's Wilhelma Botanical and Zoological Gardens by Lothar Grünz in October 2005.
The same photograph along with details about where, when and by whom the picture was taken, is available on the Wikimedia Commons website. And, another shot published on the Wilhelma website clearly shows the same building in the background as that shown in this photograph.

The blooming of the Amorphophallus titanum is certainly rare, and the flowers only last for two or three days. The specimens kept in various botanical gardens often go for several years between blooms. In "The Private Life of Plants", David Attenborough suggests that Amorphophallus titanum in the wild, bloom about once every 1000 days.

So, welcome and visit Indonesia and explore more about the Titan Arun flower family!!!

Monday, 6 September 2010


 The Taz Mahal.The photo taken by Neneng Tarigan

By: Neneng Tarigan

Visiting India especially the Taz Mahal is always in my dream. In my childhood we used to have calendars with pictures about interesting places all over the world. Watching the pictures I got the feeling as if I were living there once in the past, because those pictures seemed so close to my heart. Some pictures were about few places in my country but most of them were about interesting and historical places abroad. I wonder if reincarnation is a true story, but as a Christian I would rather trust, that was only because my heart and soul was extremely possessed by the beauty of the places and the history behind it, that was why I feel so close with the pictures. As it proved, I was lucky to have been visited more than 40 countries in the world.

It was 09.00 pm when I landed at Indira Gandhi International, the new airport of New Delhi, India, on 30th August 2010. The airport is huge and it has just been operational since early of August 2010. The size maybe equal to Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok and the floor was totally covered by wall to wall carpet like Changi airport of Singapore. The security check was so tight, may be it happens after India has a very bad experience with the Mumbai terrorist attack. (Mumbai is the second largest city of India)

Upon arrival, I was fetched by the Embassy people who then brought me with Toyota old van 1990 to Ramada Hotel which I booked through the internet. It took about 30 minutes from the airport to the hotel and my eyes caught by the glitter of the road studs. I also observed that many fully equipped military guards stand between the airport to the center of New Delhi. Later, I knew that they guarded the city day and night. Incredible!

When I arrived, there were so many cars queuing at the hotel gate, a wedding party of the rich had taken place in the hotel, so I asked the driver to just drop me, so that we would not blocked other cars to get in.

After passing the scanning machines, I went inside then submitted the hotel voucher and asked for the room. Unfortunately however, the receptionist told me that I was not registered in that hotel but to another Ramada Hotel in Gurgaon about 2 hours from Ramada Hotel New Delhi.

I showed them that what was written on the voucher is clearly Ramada Gurgaon New Delhi, and since I had never been to India before, I presumed that the one I booked was totally correct, which is the one that I stand now; I had no idea, that there are two different Ramada hotel in Delhi. (Well, if they assumed that Gurgaon which is 2 hours from Delhi is also in Delhi)

Feeling tired and sleepy, I then asked them whether I can simply move to this hotel instead of staying at the other Ramada in Gurgaon, of course with additional cost I don't mind. Again, according to the hotel management I can't do that, simply because the two Ramada is only the same hotel chain under the same franchise system and name, but different ownership. How incredible! They are very strict with the rule here, the cancellation meant that all of the booking cost for 4 days stay which I have already made with Ramada Gurgaon that cost USD 400.- will automatically deducted from my credit card and gone, if I stay in Ramada New Delhi! (Well, that is their rule)

After long arguments, they advice me to use a hotel taxi to bring me to Ramada Gurgaon. I said: “Okay no problem, how much would the price be?” and then they said:”7000 rupees or about USD 170” I answered:”Well, that will be the problem, just get me another taxi not from this hotel.” They nodded, then I got an outside taxi with the price of only 900 rupees” Can you imagine the price different just in a minute? Well, that was incredible!

After about one hour drive, I then arrived at Ramada Hotel Gurgaon. There the manager said: "You can't cancel your booking". So, I had to stay in that hotel for the 4 nights I booked to stay in the first place. It was already 01.00 am. Feeling tired and disappointed, I could do nothing than to accept their policy. Here I am, in the middle of nowhere; I then called the embassy personnel to inform them the situation and the where I am about. Of course the embassy staff offered me the transportation facility, but knowing the distance and the fact that I had already chartered a taxi for pick and drop during I stay in the hotel, I gently refuse the offer and ask them to only fetch and drop me when I was about going back to Indonesia later.

Before sleeping, I asked the hotel manager for the free internet facility as they promoted in the web . We worked on it, and after one hour my laptop get connected with the internet, but with very low signal or meaning no connection at all! Another incredible story.

Gurgaon itself is a new industrialized modern city in the outskirt of New Delhi. It will take only 45 to 90 minutes from Ramada Hotel Gurgaon to Ramada Hotel New Delhi, depends on the traffic. There will be a small metro train station located in front of the Ramada Gurgaon once it is finished in early 2011. The Ramada Gurgaon Hotel is a small 8 stories 3.5 star hotel, built about 2 years ago. It is a very clean hotel and with a very helpful and polite staff too. I had no complain at all about the hotel condition. It is a good hotel to stay, especially for businessmen or investors who have business in Gurgaon; and else the infrastructure facilities in India is good or at least better than in Indonesia, so almost every part of India is reachable.

The next morning, I went to the meeting with the chartered taxi as recommended by the hotel manager. It was a small car with a Nepalis driver named Tapha who only speak a little English. No smile in his face, he seemed full with anger. he didn't even greet me a good morning but just drove and murmured, may be because I was a bit late for our appointment that morning.

Arriving at the toll gate, Tapha asked me to pay 20 rupees for the toll. Getting furious, I sternly said to him: “You know what, why are you so impolite to your costumer? I supposed to pay only 800 rupees for pick and drop, but the manager then told me to add 500 rupees more, for toll, parking, miles and bla bla bla. I have already agreed about that and now with your long face you force me to pay more and more. Why don't you just check to the hotel manager?” He called and checked and  with grim he said: “Okay, okay”

On the way to the meeting, I asked Tapha whether he can stop the taxi at Ramada Hotel Delhi, just to check, whether the meeting will be taken place at Ramada Delhi or Le Meridien. Actually they are at the same direction, and we could pass Ramada Delhi before Le Meridien, however he said: “No, no, no, miles, miles, miles”. “Okay” I said: “no problem, just drop me at Le Meridien”. (Gohst, it was incredible!)

At Le Meridien, I check, whether the venue of the meeting is in their hotel or in Ramada Delhi. They politely check and inform me that, it is not in their hotel, so I phoned the committee and they told me that the venue is at Ramada Delhi.

From Le Meridien I walked about 3 minutes to Ramada Delhi, because the two hotels are very closed by. The problem is, no one at Ramada Delhi knows where the meeting would take place when I asked them at the night when I firstly arrived where the meeting would be. (Another incredible story!)

In the afternoon, I called the manager of Ramada Gurgaon to ask Tapha to fetch me at 05.30 pm; and there Tapha came with a man whom he called his body guard. They both have very strong sweating smell which made me almost choked to death. I just sat quietly till I arrived at Ramada Gurgaon and paid Tapha 1300 rupees (+ USD 32) for the transportation I made with him that day.

The next morning, Tapha was totally 100% changed. He came alone and became so very polite and full with smile. He asked me to talk to his wife who is Indian and has two master degree and of course she speaks very fluent English much better than me. After talking in the phone to his wife then I chat with Tapha and from his broken English I knew that he has one beautiful 9 years old daughter and 3 of his siblings married to different nationalities such as married to a Malaysian, a Kuwaiti, a Saudi Arabian and he himself married to a beautiful and smart Indian lady. Well, that was really a beautiful incredible story.

Along the way back from Ramada Delhi to Ramada Gurgaon I sang along with Tapha a beautiful Indian song entitled Kuch-Kuch Hota Hae which is originally sung by a famous Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan. It was like an ice breaking song that we both enjoy. We sang and dance along the way and every car just looked at us dancing and singing and beep us to be careful because we disturbed other cars to pass by.

It was a pity because the next day, I had to go with the embassy van to visit the famous Taz Mahal, and the day after that I had to go back to my beautiful country Indonesia. So no more Tapha.

It takes 4 hours to go to the Taz Mahal from Ramada Gurgaon. I had to pay about 12,000.- rupees (+USD 300.-) if I use the hotel taxi (not Tapha taxi), or I pay only USD 75.- per person if I use tourist bus, that is already included lunch and entrance tickets. With the embassy car the two of us (me and my colleague) pay only USD 150.- for the tip, since 2nd September was a holiday  in all over India as they celebrating the Khrisna day.

Along the way to Taz Mahal, we pass by the country sides. They are all green but also dusty and rocky. The Northern parts of India are quite dusty because they are close to Gobi desert, one of the largest desert in the world. Sometimes, we can see sky scrapers enacted in the middle of nowhere. The way they built them there were to create equal distribution of wealth across the states.

Not many houses exist along the way. With 1.2 million people, India seems so quiet. Most Indians seems tend to live in the cities rather than in the country sides. Well that is my observation at glance and that may not be 100% correct. (*PS: Later I found from my Indian friend that only + 35% Indians living in the cities)

The road to Agra is full with trucks. Well, I am sorry to say that most of the trucks or vehicles in India seemed old but still work well. The bus windows there all surrounded by concrete bars, so it seems like a jail bus to me, but they say it was because India has a large poor population and the majority of them use buses as main transportation, so in order to avoid them from falling out of the bus, they put bars in all over the windows, so that they would be more secure inside. The famous public vehicle is the three wheels Bajaj. (We also have Bajaj in Indonesia, as one of our public transportation in the cities. We imported a lot from India, but the size of the Indonesian Bajaj is smaller than the Indian one). What amazed me is the Indian Bajaj fit for 12 persons and still moving, whereas in Indonesia may be for 6 or 7 person can fully pack in one roof. Wow, another incredible story!

Agra is one of the cities in Uttar Pradesh (UP) state of India. UP has about 130 million people, who live in trade, crafting, agriculture and mining. The majority of Agra people is Moslem, but they seem so poor, or at least that was I observed along the way. The Taz Mahal built by King Shah Jahan (a Moslem King) in 17 century as a dedication to his most beloved queen Mumtaz. (The King himself has + 200 wives, according to our driver). Incredible! It took 22 years to build such a magnificent and beautiful landmark. As everyone knows, Mumtaz died when delivering her 14th baby much earlier before the Taz Mahal itself finished.

The king himself then murdered by his own son who disagreed with his royal father lavish live and plan to built another Taz Mahal for himself. If you go to Taz Mahal compound, there is no other Taz Mahal or the black Taz Mahal around. Every building in Taz Mahal compound was built asymmetrically and in harmony with its surrounding. The buildings erected in the edge of the river, so it has incredibly beautiful natural landscape in itself.

Made of first class marble and crafted and decorated with semi precious stones such as Lapis Lazuly, Malahit etc, it makes Taz Mahal one of the world expensive and grandeur royal tomb ever exist man made!
The King and his Queen buried in the ground of Taz Mahal. What we can see in the first floor or the entrance is the replica of their tombs. The entrance fee is 750 rupees for an adult, that is included a bottle of small mineral water and a pair of wet shoe cover since the temperature around Agra could reach up to 50 centigrade degree Celsius and we neat shoe cover to stand the heat.  No chewing gum allowed into the Taz also no pictures taken inside the building in order to maintain the color of the stone. The marble wall itself is translucent, it gives white color in the morning, yellow to light orange in the afternoon and blue in the evening. When we pointed out our light or lit the matches to the wall, the light can go through the wall, so it is magnificently incredible!

There are many professional photographer around the The Taz Mahal, so we don't have to worry if we forget to bring our camera along. It will costs us only 700 rupees for ten pictures, so its no money at all considering the professional result we could get. The pictures will turn to be very fantastic!

On the way back to the hotel, our tour guide, the one who has been recommended by the embassy, led us to the handicraft shop, who sell some souvenirs made of translucent marble. The  ancestors of the handicraft men were the one who crafted the Taz Mahal, so according to our guide they produce only high quality handicrafts, but the price is extremely expensive, especially for a civil servant like me. I bought the cheapest one, not so nice, but it cost me already USD 150.- only for a simple marble plate and small elephant crafts. Gee...that was only some I could bring from India since I had a condense meeting and must commute every day from Gurgaon to the meeting venue in New Delhi. I didn't even know how New Delhi actually looks, but I thanks God and my government and myself because of the small mistake I made in booking a hotel, I was then able to commute and see how the real India looks and I could take some pictures which you can see in this website.

I return home on 3rd September to Indonesia and stayed over night in Bangkok Thailand. I bring along a beautiful and incredible memory of India which I will treasure the beauty of India until I die.

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Wednesday, 28 July 2010


THE BENANE FASHION AND ART DECO: A small shop to make people and home beautiful.

By: Imelda Angela

On May 1, 2009, during the celebration of the Benane Fashion 4th Anniversary, the owner of the Fashion shop Neneng Tarigan, held a small gathering in her house, showing the invitees a slide show taken at Wuhan University, China in November 2008.

Ms. Tarigan was so much impressed by the creativity of the students of Wuhan University and convinced her clients that the imported goods she provides in her two shops were fully guaranteed, equally up to date and with high quality and best fashion design as much as the creation shows by the Wuhan University.

During her trips abroad Ms. Tarigan continuously gathered all information and magazine about new and latest international fashion design trends, so that her shops would constantly capable to serve her costumers with current fashion design clothes and accessories.

Today the Benane fashion shops are not only selling women’s fashion clothes and accessories, but very soon will be followed by art deco home made and imported one.

Her small shops are quite promising and she has bunch of loyal clients from all over Jakarta.

In order to provide a better service to her clients, for the time being she does some renovation in the shops and promised to be fully operated again in December this year.

The following is the slide show she made from pictures taken at Wuhan University. If you have any question regarding the Benane, please leave your message in this blog, and I will be back to you as soon as possible on her behalf. Thank you.

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Tuesday, 27 July 2010


INDONESIA ECONOMIC RECOVERY PROGRAMS: a country paper in power point format, presented by: Neneng Tarigan, participant of the Seminar on Economic Globalization International Industry Transfer, held in Wuhan, China, 2008.

For more information, please visit:
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